Mash of the Month Club

Join our Mash of the Month club and save!

Mash of the Month club members receive one 7.5 pound pail of mash each month for a special price of $27.50! Members may pick which recipe they receive each month, sampling our different recipes. 

And, finally, our Holiday gift to members who have been with us at least 8 months receive a FREE pail of Mash in the month of December (something extra for you to share or to hoard for your horse-whichever you prefer!)

Shipments are automatically shipped out in the interval that is selected.

Simply choose the flavor of mash and the desired interval for shipment. Once in checkout, use either a credit card or the PayPal payment option. Once complete, your order will be shipped out according to the selected interval.

To change subscription: In your recurring order purchase confirmation email, follow the link to manage your subscriptions. When you are there, you will be able to add/change products, as well as, change the interval.
To cancel subscription: In the registration e-mail that you received, there is a cancel subscription option.