What is a Bran Mash?

A Bran Mash is like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. It is an oatmeal for your horse! In the old days professionals and cowboys alike, would feed their horses a Bran Mash dinner every Sunday night to help keep them regular and reward them for a good week’s work.

Our new generation of Bran Mash is made with the tried and true ingredients and packed with yummy stuff like peppermint and chamolmile. Even if your horse has never had a Bran Mash before, they’ll love our Bran Mash or your money back! It may take them a minute to figure out how to eat it, but trust us they’ll eat it!

At Equine Edibles, we recognize the unique needs of individual horses and have created a line of products for both the performance and the companion horse. Each formula is infused with a specific combination of herbs to benefit your horse’s individual needs.